Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Site

Hello Tribe!!

I have some fantastic news - after months of plotting and planning my new site is finally complete.

From now this blog will be archived and no longer receive updates.

To check out what I've been up to in my arts practice and get a sneak peek of some of new work head to :

ARTISTS and GALLERIES !! Got an art project you need computer drawings for, fabrication or installation? Check out my partner in crime - Artisan Engineering!! Tommy is always happy to chat and help with any project you've got on the hop! He has worked with artists like.... Emily Floyd, Callum Morton, Sally Smart, Bianca Hester and Antony Gormley. And for galleries like McClelland & Anna Schwartz. From large scale public artworks to table top sculptures, he can help with it all ; )

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Crumbling Ecologies Nominated for Art Prize

It is my pleasure to announce that Crumbling Ecologies has been shortlisted for the
 2013 Manningham Ceramic Art Prize. 

Exhibition Opening and Judge's Presentation
6 - 8pm Wednesday 10 July, 2013 - everyone welcome

Exhibition Dates10th of July - 17th of August 2013. 

 You can find out more about gallery and location by clicking (here).

About the Award
The Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award, developed by Manningham City Council, was established in 2009 to support Victorian ceramic artists and acknowledge the special place that ceramics has in Manningham and the region’s history.
This biennial award exhibition surveys current Victorian ceramic art practice and showcases ceramic artists from Manningham and the other Valley of the Arts partners – Maroondah, Nillumbik, and Banyule.
The acquisitions will assist in the development of Manningham City Council’s collection of Victorian ceramic art.

 About the Artwork Shortlisted 

Crumbling Ecology was the last work to emerge from the devolved Monash Ceramics Studio; a response from Jasmine Targett one of the artists impacted by the closure. 

The work had two distinct aims, the first in its concept, the second in its creation. The concept interrogated the central argument used to justify the closure; that ceramics is out-dated and no longer relevant to contemporary art. The second was to strengthen the industry by inviting artists to contribute. Contributing to the work enabled artists to gain tech skills, network and stimulate independent professional practice. Made with the help of over 100 artists around Australia, Crumbling Ecology, is an installation of hundreds of delicate hand cast porcelain geranium leaves on the brink of crumbling.

In Melbourne, geraniums sit ambiguously between a plant and a weed deriving connotations of being out-dated, this narrative echoes reasoning to dismiss ceramics from contemporary arts practice.

The Crumbling Ecology unable to regenerate sits within a tenuous space. On the brink of crumbling, the geraniums embody the story of their makers- the artists, teachers and students impacted by the nationwide arts-sector cutbacks. Porcelain is a material known for its strength; using it in this way comments on the impact the loss of educators (and the knowledge their hands pass on) will have on the industry, reflecting on the beauty and integrity of ceramic practice compromised.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Closer Look at Weather Barometer

Weather Barometer, 2012.
Neon and Vinyl.

Jasmine Targett

The IUCN Red List of endangered species uses the chart depicted in Weather Barometer to categorise the rate of a species’ decline from Least Concern to Extinct. It can be suggested that by these classifications Craft is a Critically Endangered form of arts practice in Victoria. This is the highest risk category and indicates a species’ numbers will decrease by 80% within three generations.

The closure of craft based studios from Higher Educational Intuitions across Victoria will mean that the next generation of artists working in Melbourne will no longer have the resources to learn the technical skills necessary to practice craft professionally, dramatically altering the diverse landscape of Australian visual art.

Weather Barometer charts the current state of Craft as CR, perhaps ironically CR is also the abbreviation for Craft used by state and national funding bodies. The flickering light of EW explores the sense of urgency around the future of craft. Traditionally weather barometers have been used to alert the public to extreme weather conditions or in fundraising, to chart the level of funds raised. This conceptually links the instability of the current financial to the closure of Victoria’s Craft Studios.

CR – Critically Endangered
EW – Extinct in the Wild

The Skills Swap Meet

The Skills Swap Meet Workshop embraces the generous tradition of the Craft Community, facilitating a free environment for sharing knowledge and skills while getting to meet some amazing artistic people outside your circle.

Our first workshop was held from 10am - 3pm on Saturday 28th April in Craft Victoria's Library Space.....

The Facilitators

Sharon Clues
Skill - Machine Knitting

The Workshop - How to machine knit Sharon's custom design Crescent Scarf. (Pictured Left)

About - Sharon Clues is a Melbourne based textile artist with a passion for natural fibers & fabrics. she is the owner and creator of ethelruby –a luxury knit label & is currently studying textile design at RMIT.

Emma Grace
Skill - Re-Fabricating Broken Costume Jewellery

Workshop - Participants are invited to fix or re-create broken or un-loved costume-jewellery and found objects into something new and unique.

Materials - All your old, broken and unloved costume/fashion jewellery and any other interesting bits and bobs you have lying about – you never know what might come in handy! 

About - Emma Grace is a maker of contemporary jewllery and founder of The Treasury, a jewellery fixing and re-creation workshop aimed at promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. Her work is avaialble at Craft Victoria and e.g.etal and her next solo show will be held at e.g.etal in August 2012.

Sandra Eterovic
Skill - Fair Isle Knitting

The Work Shop - Participants will be given a copy of the paper graph for my 'Rags to Riches' scarf design. They will learn how to change colours within a row of knitting and how to follow a grid pattern.

Materials - 2 balls of contrasting yarn in the same gauge, preferably smoothly textured. Knitting needles to suit. A ruler and a pencil, for marking the pattern. I am assuming that participants will have basic knit/ purl knitting skills. It would be preferable for participants to have a couple of rows of knitting done before we start, but it's not necessary.

About Sandra - I am interested in the facades that our society encourages and the less comfortable things that lurk beneath. I enjoy exploring different materials, and am currently making painted wooden cut-outs, knitting, and considering exploring clay again.

We had a delightful day crafting, laughing and getting upto lots of making mischief!
Here is the bounty from our first Skills Swap Meet-

If your interested in being a workshop Facilitator or participating in another Skills Swap Meet - email jasminetargett (at)

Crumbling Ecologies Revealed....

Showing at Craft Victoria till Saturday June 9th.......

Crumbling Ecology, 2012.

The last work to emerge from the now ‘devolved’ Monash Ceramic Studio, Crumbling Ecology is a large ephemeral installation made from over 35,000 hand made porcelain geraniums.

On the brink of crumbling, the porcelain geraniums embody the story of their makers- the artists, teachers and students directly impacted. Porcelain is a material known for its strength; using the material in this way comments on the loss of educators and the knowledge their hands pass on. Commenting on the beauty and integrity of craft that is soon to be lost, the ecology unable to regenerate, sits within a tenuous space. The outcome of the work and its value will be determined by the audience’s response...

Viewers are invited to take a leaf and pay what you think it is worth.

This work has been made by Jasmine Targett with the assistance of over 100 volunteering artists, crafters, students, teachers, curators and creative fellows in Victoria and New South Wales.

The Makers –
Jasmine Targett, Sharon Clues, Sally Cleary, Rebecca Mayo, Anthony Conway, Caroline Brandt, Jacinta Richardson, Stephanie Watson, Thomas Ryan, Atika Fraval, Janice Kent-Mackenzie, Rebecca Norris, Phoebe Norris, Shelley Grayden, Susannah Larritt, Cat Finnerty, Ian Wadley, Rebecca Delange, Adele Macer, Annette Martin, Julia Storey, Wen Shobbrook, Annie Quail, Elise Sheehan, Naomi Troski, Ri Van Veen, Lucy Hall, Sophie Harle, Ella Leoncio, Susan Frisch, Georgia Lancaster, Rosanna Cladwell , Kobie Nel, Ulla Britta Westergren, Kathryn de Jesus, Di Richardson, Jenna Wilson, Gabbie Hoff, Beka Hannah, Pauline Meade, Carmen Couche, Yanrong Wu, Simone Steel, Suse Scholem, Sinead Kennedy Tammy Warner, Annie Dowd, Miriam McGarry, Sari Harris, Sharyn Masson, Kristen Miller, Dee Strandly, Rachel Berry, Jacqueline Vermer, Cindy Leech, Declan Donald, Friederike Heinsdorff-Neill, Kim Davis, Sue Lawson and Laura Elphinstone.


Liane Rossler, James McCallum, Bridget Kennedy, Corrine Fisher, Hannah Fisher, Emilie Fisher, Jude Belnick, Maddy Ghosh, Ximena Tapia, Zeynep Bayraktar, Canbora Bayraktar, Rose Daridis, Brooke Thompson, Beau Thompson, Lucie Macany, Zoe Brand, Melanie Ihnen, Nina Still, Tilly 

For more details on all of the works check out the new work's gallery -

The Beauty of Weeds - New Images!

The Beauty of Weeds, 2012.
Regenerated plant waste, hand blown glass and salvaged furniture from ‘devolved’ studio space.

The Beauty of Weeds is that “a weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill” [1]... they just keep growing. 

[1] Doug Larson – Door County Advocate USA 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lip Magazine Feature Article! Crumbling Ecologies: Craft, Community, Community

Lip Magazine's awesome reporter Emma Koehn has published a new article on the project - Crumbling Ecologies: Craft Community, Fragility.

Emma gives indepth insight into the project, the context in which was made and the state of the arts industry today. We suggest you give it a read, its well worth it!! 

Thanks for the shout out guys, its an honour to be in Lip !