Tuesday, February 14, 2012

70 new artists sign up for the Crumbling Ecologies Project

3 Weeks ago the Crumbling Ecologies Project was me, a pot of clay and a bunch of Geraniums, now thanks to the help of over 70 generous artists and creative people the project is sprouting and growing in new, exciting and unexpected ways.

We are please to announce Clayworks will be sponsoring the project. The team at Clayworks have been really generous with their time, effort and products. It is so good to know there are great people willing and wanting to help in any creative endeavour... no project too small (1 geranium leaf) or big (100,000 geranium leaves)!

Click on the image below to see contributing artist Sharon Clue's blog post with some recent action in the studio.

Sharon and Margaret Boyle’s new artist statements are up on the artists involved page. Margaret had a strong response after casting some geraniums with me one afternoon and responded with these prose-

My Inter subjective Response

I cannot see you in my garden. Have you died? Are you extinct? I think I see your pink flowers. Yes – I smell your perfume - You are still there - Hidden, over grown, intertwined with others. But still there, growing towards the light - You survived the drought. Your perfume attracts the bees - You are the background of all existence in the garden. You are not extinct, nor will you ever be - You are just sleeping

Margaret Boyle

We will be casting geraniums till mid March, if you would like to get involved, email me for the latest casting roster - jasminetargett@hotmail.com

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