Saturday, April 14, 2012

20 Sydney Artists join in the Crumbling Ecologies Project

I was delighted to receive an email from Bridget Kennedy a few months ago titled 'i love your beautiful project'. A NSW based artist, Bridget banded together a group of passionate artists to spend a Sunday in Sydney making a large batch of porcelain geranium leaves to contribute to our growing installation. The team of makers included - James McCallum, Szilvia Gyorgy, Bridget Kennedy, Corrine Fisher, Hannah Fisher, Emilie Fisher, Jude Belnick, Maddy Ghosh,Helen Earl, Ximena Tapia, Zeynep Bayraktar, Canbora Bayraktar, Rose Daridis, Brooke Thompson, Beau Thompson, Lucie Macany, Vicki Grima, Zoe Brand, Melanie Ihnen and Nina Still.

The merry bunch worked for hours through the piles upon piles of geraniums. I was delighted to see them using some good new techniques...

The day took place in ceramic artist
Szilvia Gyorgy's studio in Sydney. They filled her studio kiln to the brim with geraniums. Here are some fantastic images from before and after firing from inside the kiln.
I can't wait to rec
eive Bridget's parcel filled with the bounty of their porcelain beauties. I would especially like to thank Bridget and Szilvia for their generosity and time, for donating their materials and studio.

Where will the Crumbling Ecologies Project go to next?

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