Thursday, May 3, 2012


Phase four of the project - Installation week...

Incredibly exciting and completely overwhelming... it was freezing, it was flickering, dazzling and before I knew it we were up and running.

The crew from the neon and vinyl lettering place went to work installing the components of Weather Barometer.

It suddenly got very busy in the space... a hub, a hive of activity... I had a moment to stop, take a breath observe from a distance and eat a piece of carrot cake.
 Weather Berometer, 2012.
Wall installation, Neon and Vinyl.

Onto the floor layout and setting out The Beauty of Weeds piece. The hand blown glass domes ended up fitting seamlessly into the reclaimed studio tables.  I was trying to create a sense of being displaced, a class room that has been displaced. I was completely chuffed when Joe from Craft Vic walked through and said 'the lay out reminds me of a classroom', fewf... my work here is done!

We finished up day one with Weather Barometer and The Beauty of Weeds completed. The reclaimed drawing boards are laid out on the floor as a guiding path through out the space and as a backdrop for Crumbling Ecology.

The end of day two, and our first visitor to the space! Tony, the artist exhibiting in Gallery 3's current show 'the Green Room'. Make sure you drop by and have a chat with him next time your in at Craft Vic. You can see the beginnings of Crumbling Ecologies installed on the gallery floor. It was amazing how many hand made leaves we had from the one hundred artists that donated their time and hands to the project. Each one completely unique and entirely beautiful. 

Now, onto opening night! I hope people rock up... gosh what if its just me and the geraniums & the Craft Vic team. What if people come but they trample all of them, what if its just a pile of dust?! I so hope the audience gets the work... too late now. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed... here we go!

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