Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reviewed! Crumbling Ecologies in The Age

Check out Dylan Rainforth's article on Crumbling Ecologies- A Dying Art?
The text reads - 

A Dying Art? Across Australia's universities, specialist craft departments - glass, ceramics, tapestries, metals and jewellery - are being shut. The situation has become so bad that according to artist Jasmine Targett, when she applied for an arts grant for her current Craft Victoria exhibition Crimbling Ecologies (opening tomorrow night), Monash University - where she is doing her PHD - had a ceramics department; by the time she came to make the work, it did not. Targett worked with students, teachers and artists over a three-month period to create thousands of fragile porcelain geranium leaves (pictured) symbolising this fragile craft ecology. And Targett is going further to ensure specialist skills don't die out. This Saturday she has organised a Skills Swap Meet for sharing knowledge and skills. "The idea of the Skills Swap Meet is to get away from the institution, to learn from each other the old-fashioned way of passing down skills person to person," Targett says.

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